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Österreichischer Bogenjägerverein



Name: Manfred Tauchner

Phone: 0043 660 788 11 58



Hunting with bow and arrow possible: No

Possibility for non resident to bowhunt: No

Requirements to get a foreign hunting licence : Bowhunting not possible! Foreign hunters can buy in Austria on presentation of a valid hunting license from their home country (the decisive factor is citizenship, not current residence) either a foreigner hunting card, a hunting guest card for foreigners or an annual hunting card (varies by state). Membership in the respective state hunting association is imperative for the foreign hunter as well as for an Austrian hunter.


Contact to get non res licence: “Bowhunting not possible! Hunting guest cards are required by people who want to go hunting in Austria but do not have an Austrian hunting card. However, these hunting guests must have a valid hunting card. Citizens of an EU or EEA member state or the Swiss Confederation also receive a hunting guest card if they are resident exclusively abroad and are in possession of a valid hunting card from an EU or EEA member state or the Swiss Confederation.
Hunting guest cards can also be issued to people who are not citizens of an EU or EEA member state or the Swiss Confederation. However, these require an insurance confirmation that they have taken out hunting liability insurance. Get more information about this from the respective state hunting association”


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Disclaimer: These where the details as of Jan 2020. Contact the appropriate authority to confirm the regulations before enetering any adventure

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