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Hunting with bow and arrow possible: Yes

Possibility for non resident to bowhunt: Yes

Requirements to get a foreign hunting licence: Need proof of bowhunting permit in your own nation or elsewhere together with proof of proficiency test..

Contact to get non res licence:

Presently all Danish hunters must take a mandatory education as well as pass a Danish Bowhunter exam and pass a proficiency test. 

Five out of six hunting arrows have to hit within the vital area of a roedeer paper target. The distance varies from 5 to 25 meters. The bow must meet all the requirements for hunting`*. 

The opening of hunting for the larger deer species (Red, fallow and sika deer) was initiated by the Environmental Minister in 2018 and is now on its third year in the making,

Small game

  • Min arrow energy 40 Joule, min arrow weight 20 gram, 20 mm width

Roedeer, fox, geese and hare

  • Min arrow energy 40 Joule, min arrow weight 25 gram, Fixed 3 blade/ minimum 25 mm width
  • Min arrow energy 70 Joule, min arrow weight 25 gram, Mechanical 3 blade/minimum 25 mm width

Larger deer i.e. Red, fallow and sika deer: 

  • Min arrow energy 80 Joule, min arrow weight  33 gram, only fixed three blade minimum 25 mm width.

Hunting authority Web address:

This national bowhunter organisation offer a national bowhunter education.

Disclaimer: These were the details as of December 2020. Contact the appropriate authority to confirm the regulations before entering any adventure

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