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Alandic Islands



Current status: Legal

Regulations: IBEP,yearly shooting test (see below)


General information:

This autonomus community is located in the Baltic Sea. A change of the current hunting regulations have been approved by the Alandic government, this have lead to the implementation of hunting with bow and arrow in 2006.

Regulations as of 2006 08 01:

The hunter must have a International Bowhunter Education or an equivalent education.

An Alandic proficiency test is required on a yearly basis.

This test consists of a short round with six animal targets at varying distances up to 25 meters, were five of the six have to be hit in the vital area/lungs-heart.

The arrow must possess a minimum energy of 40 joule (29,5 Ft/lbs.), the arrow must weigh at least 25 grams, the hunting point must have at least two cutting edges with a minimum diameter of 25 mm.

All game except moose can be harvested by bow and arrow.



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