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Current status: Legal

Regulations: See below

General information: Bowhunting have always been allowed for small game, this was formalised in 1993. §20 in the Finnish hunting law governs the bow and arrow as a hunting tool. As of 2001 04 01 the addition of game up to and including Roedeer (Capreolus capreolus) and beaver (Castor fibris) was made.

Regulations state that the force of the bow must be min 180 Newton pull force (40# draw weight), "point must be direct killing when a good hit is made" For Roedeer and beaver must a broadhead with at least 22 mm diameter be used. When you hunt beaver must your arrow be attached to the to the bow with a tracking sstring.
Beaver and Roedeer Min Ø 22-mm cutting edged hunting point
When hunting beaver the arrow must be attached to a retrieving string.
Lesser game: “Direct killing point”



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