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The European Bowhunting Federation (EBF)  promotes high ethical standards in a form of hunting that is tens of thousands of years old. Our mission is to inform the public and to provide a base of knowledge for guiding governmental and supporting non-governmental organizations toward effective implementation of the art of hunting with the bow and arrow. To achieve this end, we strive to communicate the value of bow and arrow as a hunting tool in a modern sustainable game management practice. EBF does not consider hunting with bow and arrow superior to any other means of harvesting game but rather a complementary form of hunting that fill a void niche. EBF also supports the acquisition of practical skills and understanding by educating individual hunters through internationally acclaimed courses specifically created for the needs of modern bowhunters.

Bowhunting and why ?
When choosing the bow and arrow as a hunting weapon, the bowhunter makes a conscious decision to forgo some of the long range advantages modern technology offers in the area of hunting equipment. As a consequence, the bowhunter needs to develop the skills necessary to approach and hunt the quarry at ranges much closer than the animal's normal reaction/escape distance. Furthermore, the bowhunter needs to select, maintain, and become proficient with equipment appropriate to the game hunted. Bowhunters are committed and ethical outdoor enthusiasts. They have chosen a deeper natural experience that requires more time to harvest the quarry, much like the angler who chooses fly casting and the challenges it brings. "A challenging way to hunt" or getting more in tune with the environment, consistently top the list of reasons why people choose the bow for hunting. The majority of bowhunters have usually hunted for a long time with firearms prior to taking up bowhunting.
Bowhunting is a silent, non-disturbing, and safe hunting method which can also be pursued in areas that are in closer proximity to developed and urbanized areas. Successful urban bowhunting programs show the potential of these wildlife management programs.

Bowhunting in itself is a very sustainable and environmentally friendly form of hunting. In these days the aspect of a sustainable hunt as well as the consideration of its environmental impact is nothing less important. The bowhunter contributes to a broader and prospering form of hunting that attracts new groups of nature caring users.

The modern hunter who uses bow and arrow has a wide selection of types of bows and accessories to choose from. This ranging from very modern and high tech compound bows with precision sights and other accessories to the rudimentary and basic longbows. This gives the bowhunter the options to select a weapon type that suits his/hers interest and needs. The options are endless and are suitable for the persons living a busy lifestyle to the more enthusiastic hunter who enjoys crafting his own equipment.

Significant for the bowhunter of today is the commitment and enthusiasm for nature and its inhabitants. Characteristically modern bowhunters are also very dedicated to the weapon of choice and are willing to spend long practice hours on becoming a master of the bow and the art of getting close to the prey through skill and knowledge of the animal and the land he/she hunts.




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