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EBF encourages and supports bowhunting education in all aspects of bowhunting, today most countries have a national education system in place for bowhunters, some governed by laws in that specific country and some uses a self imposed training/education for those who would like to bowhunt in that specific country.

Most common education is based on the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) or a derivate there of, which is the product of National Bowhunter Education Foundation (USA) which was founded in 1979. Other countries, such as Denmark uses their own education program similar to the IBEP program.

EBF feels that a good education in bowhunting helps to sustain a high grade of knowledge and also helps maintaining a high standard within the bowhunting community. It also helps building a genuine and professional bowhunter community in which good hunting ethics and morals that are a "trade mark" of the bowhunter today.

In this section we will show some examples of different countries education programs and how they are applied to bowhunting and also how the education programs work with the local laws for that country.

For a more detailed description of IBEP training, please visit the NBEF website, and/or visit your local country's web sites listed here on EBF's web site.

In general one could say that the education programs are in two parts.



In this segment, the hunter will learn all aspects of bowhunting, it covers the clinical sides and effects of a brodhead, how it works and how it does not work. Furthermore the hunter will learn the differences between traditional hunting and bowhunting both in techniques and weapon usage along with hunting safety.








Usually this is part of any education to some degree, but all of them have a proficiency test where the hunter needs to show he/she can master the weapon of choice. But the hunter also learns how to tune and adjust bows and shooting skills, a honed shooter makes for a good bowhunter.






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