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Atilla Szabo
Atilla Szabo

Current status: Not Legal

Regulations: N/A

General information:

The passionate hunter, will find Romania the perfect destination for successful hunting trip. The available big game species: red deer, wild boar, roe deer, chamois, wolf and bear as well as small game: hare, pheasant, partridge, wild duck, wild goose, quail, woodcock and snipe are all abundant, and that will give the hunter a great time hunting.

Romanian hunting legislation

At this time bowhunting is not legalized in Romania.

All the hunters who intend to come to Romania, are allowed to bring maximum 2 firearms (even if the guns are the same caliber).

Maximum 50 cartridges for rifled weapon and maximum 100 cartridges for shotguns.

The minimum legal calibre in Romania is 5,6 mm (.22 Hornet); every semiautomatic hunting gun should not have more than 3 cartridges.

The transportation of ammunition in the main luggage is forbidden.


These things are mandatory at your arrival in Romania:

- Valid civil responsibility insurance for hunting incidents

- Valid hunting license

- Firearm license

A application to hunt need to be submitted 20 days prior to arrival in Romania. The requests should include: name and surname, total days hunting and type of hunting. A copy of the hunter's passport, a copy of the hunting license, a copy of the firearm license, the mark and serial numbers of the firearm (if you intend to bring your own firearms in Romania), If you intend to bring your own dogs in Romania:

In order to bring your own hunting dogs in Romania, they should have a European microchip inserted that will be read at arrival on the airport, as well as an international dog passport with all the identification data mentioned.

For air transportation a special cage might be requested by the airlines.



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