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Swedish bowhunting ass

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Current status:

Regulations: Illegal

General information:

Bowhunting was banned in 1938. In 1998 the Swedish Bowhunting Association was granted a period to try bowhunting in high fence areas. The hunt was intended to find out the general publics attitudes towards the hunting method.

The hunts were only conducted in fenced off areas. The hunters had to pass very stringent qualifications to participate. The periods up until June 2002 have showed a good attitude and excellent results for the hunters who mostly have taken Fallowdeer and Wildboar.

The report is as of 2004.01.10 submitted to the Swedish Environmental Agency for evaluation, As of June 2007 The Swedish Bowhunters Ass:n have filed for a permit to hunt free ranging game with bow adn arrow.



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