On the 29th and 30th of March 2007 the European Bowhunting Association (EBA) gathered for their annual general meeting. This year’s meeting has been arranged by the French Bowhunting Association FFCA, which represents the biggest group of bowhunters in the EBA and Europe.

The conference took place on the international hunting fair “Salon de Chasse” in Ramboillet near Paris / France.

The French Bowhunting Association is a welcome member of the general hunting community in France which has also been stressed by the president of the French Hunting Association in his speech on the FFCA gathering in Ramboillet. In 2007,additional nations joined EBA which currently represents active national bowhunting associations from 19 European countries. The list includes France, Spain, Slovenia,Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and the autonomous Aland islands. Out of this list, fifteen national bowhunting associations have sent representatives to this year’s meeting.

As already in 2007, the US Archery Trade Association ATA has been present as well.

Special guest Michele Doerr,

Director of Archery and Bowhunting Programs in ATA, actively participated in the meeting and also visited archery and bowhunting facilities in France after the meeting.

ATA is a very important partner in the efforts of EBA to promote and develop bowhunting in Europe. In 2007,inspiring progress has been made in the bowhunting legalisation process in Romania and Bulgaria, both countries with a rich hunting heritage. Support for these projects has been granted by ATA and the Safari Club International SCI.

The outlooks for hunting with bow and arrow in Sweden are very promising as well. All member countries where bowhunting is currently not legal actively try to promote and increase bowhunting knowledge in the hunting and non-hunting public. There is a general trend that the number of members and bowhunters is increasing throughout Europe despite the often declining trend of participants in hunting activities.

This shows that the age-old hunting with bow and arrow does have a special appeal even in modern days. The foundation of the EBA was initiated by the CIC and its Bowhunting Working Group.

The CIC considers modern bowhunting as a historical hunting method, worthy of being protected and promoted. Today, bowhunting is practiced by several million bowhunters on all continents. Like trapping and falconry, bowhunting is an important part of our hunting heritage.

Due to the many technological advances in today’s bowhunting equipment, present-day bowhunting practices fulfill all the requirements of ethical hunting standards.

EBA objectives include: the promotion of ethical bowhunting based on the published directives of the CIC regarding ethical bowhunting behaviour; providing support for the development of national bowhunter education programs; the creation and compilation of relevant scientific materials and studies; providing and maintaining a worldwide network with bowhunting related associations, scientific institutions, authorities, and other groups interested in hunting with bow and arrow.

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