Anders Gejer, EBA president held a two day instructor class in Belgium for 10 participants from the Belgian bowhunters Assoication. It was held at the beautiful location of LeTry-Lambord in the south of Belgium.

The result and outcome of the two day seminar was strong as many topics and technical aspects were discussed.

Meeting with The Wallon Hunter’s Association and Royal Saint Hubert Club De Belgique.

An informal meeting was held Saturday evening,12 July over a barbecue supper with EBA President Anders Gejer,the board of directors of the Walloon bowhunters association and Michel Servais of the Walloon Hunters Association as well as  Yves Leloux general secretary of the Royal Saint Hubert Club De Belgique.Very positive talks were held about bettering relations with all the hunters and hunters associations, regardless of their hunting methods or weapons.

Mr. Servais expressed the desire that all hunters

unite and speak with one voice to defend hunting and conservation programs in Belgium. Mr. Servais together with Mr. Leloux sat in on the first International Bowhunters Education Program instructors class in Belgium, and was impressed by seriousness and detailed material that was presented to the 10 Belgian candidates, and came away with a different and very positive vision

hunting with a bow and arrow. He also thought that this would be a very useful method of hunting in urban and peri-urbain areas, especially for over-population control hunts.

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