July 14th FACE meeting.

Anders Gejer and Tom Beer vice president EBA met with the staff at FACE.

A very comprehensive and detailed program and a request for more information about bowhunting news and developments was presented by General secretary Yves Lecocq and EBAs officials filled FACE in with

the latest news as well as presented FACE with a more upgraded bow (Hoyt-Reflex Growler)and arrows.

EBA´s contact at FACE will be Adrien de Roubaix who is of Belgian nationality.

Present from FACE was also Angus Middleton, Director of Conservation, Christine Rödlach

Director of public affairs & communication, Timoty Lawrence Press & media, and Johan Svalby legal affairs officer.

Tom and the Belgian Bowhunters ass:n will provide Adrien archery lessons,

FACE/Adrien was also offered to participate in the first IBEP class in Belgium.

More info at: www.face.eu

Anders Gejer


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