The recently founded Romanian Bowhunters Association called on a seminar to inform and develop the possibilities of hunting with bow and arrow in Romania.

The seminar was held 22/23 of November just outside of Bucharest and called officials in the hunting districts, high ranking members of the Romanian chapter of SCI, staff from hunting agencies as well as members from the newly founded Bowhunters Association.

A legislative proposal a few months ago included a part regulating bowhunting, this together with falconry was taken out in the last minute and a scaled down legal act went through. A message though was that bowhunting and falconry is to have its own legal framework and this proposal lays in the coming year.

The legislative process is now stalled by the parliamentary elections that will take place in late November.

EBA is together with the Romanian Bowhunters Association planning a second seminar in the spring of 2009 to support the efforts to make bowhunting possible. We aim to meet with the Romanian hunters association as well as people from the Forestry Department.

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