Anders Gejer, president EBA , and Juha Kylmä, president CIC Working Group Bowhunting,

attended the CIC General Assembly in Paris 29.4. – 2.5.2009. Gejer is also a member

of CIC and the vice-president of the CIC WG Bowhunting.

Working Group Bowhunting had a presentation at the CIC General Assembly on Thursday April 30th.

Juha Kylmä gave a speech on the present bowhunting situation in Europe, and presented the EBA

bowhunting survey requesting the national CIC delegations to contribute to European bowhunting

survey for those countries who are not yet members of EBA. Anders Gejer presented the recent

Danish bowhunting study, and took a glace at modern bowhunting tackle.

After the presentations Dr. Imrich Suba (Secretary General SHU) announced that Slovak Republic

has opened bowhunting. For the beginning it will be allowed in fenced areas only. According to

Dr. Suba Slovak Republic will continue developing bowhunting “step by step”.

Dr. Suba thanked for the material and information EBA and CIC WG Bowhunting has provided for

the process in the past years.

Both Mr. Gejer and Kylmä had various encouraging discussions and made very valuable contacts with CIC delegates from different nations.After some challenging discussions the “opponents” agreed

that their possible problem with bowhunting was due to lack of correct information.


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