Bowhunting seminar in Riga/Latvia

In line with the project plan for EBA 2009/10 a seminar for the Baltic nations was held outside Riga 2009 09 19-20th.

The seminar was held near the town of Kandava at a beautiful farm/conference centre owned by Agris Riba.

Totally eight participants was present from nations representing Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

Latvia was represented by: Jānis Kļaviņš, Janis Baumanis, Ivo Vanags and by Vilnis Bernards; Russia was represented by Oleg Shevshenko and Sergey Beshentsev. And the southernmost Baltic nation, Lithuania had two delegates Karolis Girulis and Mantas Balsys.

Both the Lithuanian association and the Russian Bowhunting association very recently joined EBA.

Over the weekend most aspects of hunting with bow and arrow was covered with the group who showed a great dedication and knowledge.

Strategies were discussed how to promote and make hunting with bow and arrow possible in this region in the future

From left to right; Sergey, Karolis, Jānis, Ivo, Vilnis, Jānis, Anders, Mantas, Oleg

Official seminar with the Latvian Authorities

Monday 21st September was spent at the Latvian State Forest Service.

Anders Gejer; President of EBA held a seminar on the changes in equipment for the modern hunters that use bow and arrow, the status in Europe and the world as well as presenting the most recent data from the Danish Forest and Nature Agency on hunting roe deer with bow and arrow.

The seminar was ended by a round of questions by the participants that presented a high level of knowledge.

Personnel from several of the involved Latvian authorities participated among them:

Jānis Kinna; Director General of State Forest Service,

Baiba Rotberga; Deputy Director General of State Forest Service,

Janis Baumanis; Head of Game Management Department, State Forest Service,

Vilnis Bernards; Senior Officer, Nature Protection Department, Ministry of Environment,

Mārcis Saklaurs; Senior Officer, Nature Protection Department, Ministry of Environment,

Dainis Paeglītis; President of the Latvian Game Species Breeders Association,

Linda Dombrovska; Ministry of Agriculture, hunting department, Journalists from magazine MMD and Jakts.

Jānis Kļaviņš; President Latvian bow hunting Association,

The conclusion from the seminar was that there has been a need for information on the bow and arrow as a hunting tool.

The bow is most possible to fit into the Latvian hunting culture and that there will be further contacts between the participants to look at the possibilities to incorporate the bow and arrow as a hunting method in Latvia.

Anders Gejer

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