First time IBEP Bowhunting seminar in Iceland!

A IBEP seminar was held in Reykjavík, Iceland  for the first time 27-28th of september 2014.

At first we discussed about holding a IBEP seminar in 2011, this was shortly after the Icelandic BH association was founded. But there where always something that preventend us from doing so. 

Ones a year we were in contact with Anders Gejer and Carlos Freitas about the seminar and had no luck.  We started to get a little nervous about when we could hold a seminar because of those issues.  

But like with God, thing does sometimes moves slowly. But 2014 we started to plan for a seminar in the springtime but with no luck and finally we decided to hold the seminar in the fall, no matter what! and Carlos Freitas was so kind to be available at that time and come to Iceland.

We had 14 participant’s both men and women.

They all where very happy with the seminar and did learn a lot.

We also had some practical tests, shooting at 3d targets and setting up a tree stand, even though there are not alot of trees on Iceland, we just needed to improvise little.

While Carlos was here we met with reprecentative from the Environment agency of Iceland and talked little about bow hunting on Iceland.

As of today bowhunting is still not allowed on Iceland.

On behalf of the Icelandic Bowhunting Association we thank EBF for their support to make this happen.

Kind Regards

Indriði Ragnar Grétarsson

President of the Icelandic Bowhunting Association.

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