Honorary president of Finnish Bowhunting Association and the EBF Mårten Ekström has passed away at the age of 85.

Age and illnesses took a victory from him.Mårten Ekström established Merrysport Oy.

He was also instrumental in establishing the Finnish Bowhunting Association in the late 1970s. Mårten was well known within the international bowhunting and archery society.

Mårten was one of the establishing persons of the FECA (the original European Bowhunting organization) and the World Bowhunting Association as well as the more recent European Bowhunting Federation – EBF.

He was also deeply involved in the initial establishment of the bowhunter education(IBEP)in Europe. His peaceful, charismatic and diplomatic style made him a respected and loved person. Mårten had admirable language skills which made it easy for him to actively communicate most everywhere.

Thanks for everything Mårten!

The EBF Board

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