On Wednesday 29. August the Danish Minister of Environment, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, signed the law that initiates a four year period on hunting the big game species of the country: sika, red and fallow deer, starting already the 1st of September 2018.

– Although it has required a lot of work from both the Danish Hunters Association (Standing member of FACE)) and FADB (The Bowhunter Association of Denmark (Member of EBF), it’s been worth it all, a happy chairman of FADB, Brian Lisborg, concludes on the process.

Good team work

The two political hunting organizations representatives in the Wildlife Council has performed years of prior work. At the end of September 2017, the subject was discussed in the Council, which ended out in the fact, that the Council recommended to the Minister to start up a test period of bow hunting for the big deer species. The decision was off course met with great satisfaction by the FADB Board and the association’s members as well as the European community of bowhunters .


The hunter who wishes to use bow and arrow in Denmark must pass the Danish hunter education as well as a two day bowhunter education followed by a theoretical as well as a proficiency test.

Requirements for energy, arrows and broadheads:

Requirements for bow and arrow that may be used for test hunting on the big game species is:

1. Bow and arrow requirements:

In the case of hunting sika, fallow and red deer, the energy of impact (Eo) must be at least 80 joules and the arrow weight at least 33 grams.

2. Requirements for the arrowhead:

When hunting the three big game species the arrow must be with fixed blades and at least 3 cutting edges and with a cutting diameter of at least 25 mm.

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