How can I become an Instructor?

Instructors are created from the members of the National Bowhunter Associations and those individuals that have taken the basic bowhunter education course as well as have some experience in hunting with bow and arrow.

The status of ‘instructor’ applies only to the state in which you are certified as an instructor (Note: Some states may have allow reciprocity status to instructors from other or nearby states).

The EBF has basic standards for all instructors and in addition, the state may supplement those requirements to comply with other educational standards for programs within the state or national agency.

We urge the bowhunting associations of each European country that instructors, in addition to their instructor training course, to undergo IBEP training(s) under the supervision of experienced IBEP instructors before receiving the instructor certificate.

IBEP instructors have to be approved by the national IBEP representative.

The appointed instructor will work within and along the guidelines as well as supporting and adhearing to the national associations intentions. An instructor disregarding from the above can have the IBEP-Instructor certificate revoked by the national organisation.

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