EBF President Anders Gejer held a 10 minute speech on present developments in European Bowhunting matters on the FACE General Assembly 2021 last Friday in Budapest. The estimated increase in hunters using bow and arrow in Europe over the past 15 years is fivefold and a total of 50.000 active hunters is probably a low estimate.

Several European Bowhunting facts and figures were presented in a short PowerPoint presentation. The wrap up was supported by Claus Lind Christensen of the Danish Hunters Association, who explained the advantages to unite all hunting forms and the benefits of having bowhunters/bowhunting included in the overall game management system.

Supportive requests to speak also came from the French Hunting Association as well as from the Estonian hunting association´s Andres Lillemäe and FACE’s President Torbjörn Larsson.


Claus Lind Christensen (right) and Anders Gejer (left)

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