Alandic islands


Alandic Bowhunters Association


Contact: Viktor Gestberg



Hunting with bow and arrow: Is possible

Possibility for non resident to bowhunt: Yes

All legal game excluding moose can be hunted with bow and arrow.

Regulations to bowhunt: 

A hunting bow must propel an arrow with minimum weight of 25 gram and a broadhead with three cutting edges and posess an energy of at least 40 Joules.

Requirements to get a foreign hunting licence:

Need to have proof of hunter education and bowhunter education. Mandatory yearly proficiency test. Six 3D targets is set up at a course and five of these have to be hit in the vital area with your hunting bow and arrows.

Contact to hunting authority:

Contact to get a hunting permit:

This national bowhunter organisation offer education through the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP)

Disclaimer: These were the details as of September 2021. Contact the appropriate authority to confirm the regulations before entering any adventur

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