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Hunting with bow and arrow possible: Yes

Possibility for non resident to bowhunt: Yes

Regulations to bowhunt: In Greenland, compoundbows are allowed, and a special bow-hunting license is required.

The authorized bowhunting outfitter has the authority to issue his clients a temporary bowhunting license in camp before the hunt.

Bowhunting for Muskoxen:

  •  minimum draw weight of 60# 
  • minimum arrow weight of 525 grain (34 gram) 
  • Only fixed blades are legal 

Bowhunting for Caribou:

  • minimum draw weight is 45# with fixed or 55# with mechanical broadheads.
  • minimum arrow weight 385gr. (25 gram) with fixed or 430gr. (28 gram) with mechanical broadhead.


You need to present a proof of permit to bowhunt

Hunting authority Web address:

Disclaimer: These were the details as of December 2020. Contact the appropriate authority to confirm the regulations before entering any adventure

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