Greenland legalizes hunting of Muskox with bow and arrow

Greenland legalizes hunting of Muskox with bow and arrow. On July 11th, 2012 the Department for Fisheries, Harvest and Agriculture on Greenland revised regulations to allow the hunting of muskox (Ovibos moschatus,) with bow and arrow. This decision follows the positive evaluation of a test-hunt carried out in 2010, which demonstrated that modern bowhunting equipment […]

North American deer harvest tops 1.1 million, taken with bow and arrow

North American deer harvest tops 1.1 million, taken with bow and arrow. In 2011, more than 3.3 million North American hunters took to the woods equipped with bow and arrow to harvest deer. The result – according to wildlife biologist C.J. Winand of Maryland who compiled the data submitted by the Fish & Wildlife departments […]

New regulations in France

New regulations on Bowhunting in France: Mechanical hunting points (heads) are now allowed for hunting. The weight limit on hunting arrows is removed for big game hunting with bow and arrow. The minimum requirement for the bow is now removed, previously this affected some brands of compound bows. this was passed and approved and in […]

New instructors within the iBEP system in Europe

New instructors within the IBEP system in Europe A seminar held during the weekend October 15-16 involved participants from Lithuania and Slovakia that took the final part to become instructors in the IBEP program. They have now the right to teach students in their respective nations. Seminar with the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment A second […]

SABA and EBF affiliation

The South African Bowhunting Association and EBF working together, you can find the document under “Bowhunting in Media”

EBA becomes EBF

As a result of the General Assembly in Italy this year the decision has been taken to change the name and logo for EBA. Previously we used the word Association which has been converted to a more correct nomenclature Federation.  The future name will be: European Bowhunting Federation  and the abbreviation will be EBF

General assembly 2010

International Conference and annual gathering of the European Bowhunting Association (EBA), April 10th and 11th 2010 near Milano / Italy On the 10th and 11th of April 2010 the European Bowhunting Association (EBA) gathered for their annual general assembly meeting. This year’s meeting has been organized by Bowhunting Club Italy under the guidance of EBA […]

BFA and DBJV at Die hohe Jagd und Fischere

A small booth operated by the Bowhunter Federation Austria BFA and the German Bowhunting Association DBJV – but a big step for Bowhunting in German speaking countries “Die hohe Jagd und Fischerei” is one of the most important and biggest hunting fairs in Europe. End of February 2010, the exhibition took place in the Expo […]

Bowhunting seminar in Riga/Latvia

Bowhunting seminar in Riga/Latvia In line with the project plan for EBA 2009/10 a seminar for the Baltic nations was held outside Riga 2009 09 19-20th. The seminar was held near the town of Kandava at a beautiful farm/conference centre owned by Agris Riba. Totally eight participants was present from nations representing Latvia, Lithuania and […]

ATA Visits Europe

The new ATA (Archery Trade Association) Board President Larry Griffith visited Europe in mid May. In an unofficial meeting in Finland mr. Griffith and Juha Kylmä of EBA / CIC discussed the funding needs and possibilities of both EBA and CIC Working Group Bowhunting. ATA is fully conscious of the growth potential in Europe. ATA […]