Belgian Bowhunting Federation


Belgian Bowhunting Federation  (BBF)

Contact person: Luc Krols

Hunting with bow and arrow: Possible in the Walloon area of Belgium, not yet accepted in the Flemish region

Possibility for non resident to bowhunt: Yes, validation of foreign hunting permit for the region (Flanders/Wallonia) you wish you hunt required. Hunting with the bow is only possible after validating a Walloon permit.

Regulations to bowhunt: To be regulated, special regulations for bow hunters participating in driven hunts are in place.

All legal game can be pursued with the bow in the Wallon part of Belgium.

Local bowhunting organization strongly insist on having minimal IBEP certification before engaging into bowhunting activities.

The national bowhunter organization offers education through the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP)

Two main local bowhunting organizations are present:

Disclaimer: These were the details as of July 2023. Contact the appropriate authority to confirm the regulations before entering any adventure.

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