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Hunting with bow and arrow possible:  Yes

Possibility for non-resident to bowhunt: Yes

Regulations to bowhunt: Only a bow with a minimum draw force of 180 newton (180 N) may be used for hunting game animals. (This equals roughly 40,5 lbs draw weight).

  1. The tip of an arrow to be used for shooting small game animals must be “such that an accurate hit is fatal on impact” = suitable hunting tip, no target point.
  2. If a bow and arrow is used for shooting any deer, wild boar, mouflon and European beaver, Canadian beaver or roe deer, the arrow must have a cutting tip (broadhead) with a minimum diameter of 22 millimeters.
  3. If a bow and arrow is used for shooting European or Canadian beaver the arrow must be attached to the bow with a line or similar. In practice, this means a reel of some sort attached to the bow.
  4. When hunting wild boar, any deer species and mouflon, it is mandatory to pass a shooting test. 

Bow shooting test certificate is now mandatory if hunting:

  • Any type of deer
  • Wild boar
  • Mouflon

Shooting test:

The bowhunter has 180 seconds to shoot three arrows  at a target with a 23 cm diameter from a distance of 18 m. All three arrows must hit the target, or at least touch the outer line of the target.

If a foreign bowhunter has a certificate of bow shooting test concerning equivalent size animals (deer/wildboar) from his/her country of origin, then one does not need to pass the shooting test in Finland. Or alternatively, if the hunter can show proof that he/she has the right to bowhunt equivalent size animals without a shooting test in his/her country of origin, then there is no need to pass the Finnish shooting test.

Requirements to get a foreign hunting licence:

The hunter needs to present the national hunting license or proof that one has the right to hunt in the country of origin.

Shooting test is required if you intend to hunt deer species or you need to proof that one has taken a similar type shooting test in the country of residence, or has the right to bowhunt same size game species in the country of residence

Contact to get non res licence: (information also in English)

Hunting authority:

This national bowhunter organisation offer education through the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP)

Disclaimer: These were the details as of December 2020. Contact the appropriate authority to confirm the regulations before entering any adventure

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