No Bowhunting Association

Hunting with bow and arrow: YES

Possibility for non-resident to bowhunt: YES

Regulations to bowhunt: By region

All legal game can be pursued.

Requirements to get a foreign hunting license:

The hunter has to present the national hunting license which indicates that one has the right to hunt in the country of origin. A special bowhunting license is not required. As part of regulations in Türkiye, foreign hunting license can be obtained only through an authorized hunting outfitter. The authorized outfitter will provide a temporary hunting license before the hunt by means of local governmental organisations. Therefore all requirements must be cleared upfront with the support of an authorized hunting outfitter.

There is no specific shooting test prior to hunt at the moment. However the hunter needs to be capable of using his bowhunting equipment in a safe manner.

DISCLAIMER: These were the details as of February 2024. Contact the appropriate authority to confirm the regulations before entering any adventure.

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